Miracles occur naturally as expressions of LOVE. The real miracle is the LOVE  that inspires them. In the sense that everything that comes from LOVE is a miracle. All miracles mean life, & God is the giver of life. His voice will direct you specifically. You will be told all you need. Prayer is the medium of miracles. It is a means of communication of the created with the Creator. Through prayer LOVE is received, through miracles LOVE is expressed.
Miracles transcend the body. They are sudden shifts into invisibility, away from bodily level. That is why they heal. A miracle is a service. It is the maximal service you can render to another. It is the way of LOVING your neighbor as yourself. You recognize your own and your neighbor's worth simultaneously. 
Miracles restore the mind to its fullness. By atoning for lack they establish perfect protection. The spirit's strength leaves no room for intrusion.
The miracle is the only device at your immediate disposal for controlling time. Only revelation transcends it, having nothing to do with time at all.
- A Course In Miracles  Chapter One

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Meditation - Self love -  Gratitude & Happiness

Maybe the greatest Namaste is being able to look in the mirror, to smile & see the spirit of God in ones self.
Meditaining Is:
A Way Of Conceptualizing A  Loving & Valued Image Of Self & A Connection To A Friendly Unconditional God Of Your Understanding In Order To Cultivate & Maintain Peace Of Mind, Intimacy & Gratitude.

The Meditaining experiential is a gentle method of meditating (relaxing, going beyond thinking, experiencing) that can lead one to obtain a new image of self (visualization, conceptualization, affirmation) and to help one maintain self-worth, self-love, peace of mind & a relationship with God (prayers of gratitude, movement, practice). Initially, it may be beneficial to be guided through the Meditaining experiential but then it is best done in solitude. 


Meditaining can be a wonderful tool for those who have been addicted to a chemical or a behavior, especially the Codependency and love/relationship addiction aspect (see addiction model), but certainly recommended for anyone looking to have a more authentic experience. It can be especially helpful to those who were wounded in their childhood environment and may, as a result, carry self-loathing, shame, guilt and/or remorse based on situations in the past or their development. Folks that have endured such a history often have a false constitution, which can drive them to habitual, compulsive and addictive thinking, feeling and acting. Meditaining is a way of developing a new constitution which can direct a more positive and loving experience in how we think, feel and approach the present and the future.


After an initial introduction to the Meditaining Method, it is best done in solitude. We also strongly support and recommend using the Meditating Method in conjunction with the 12-step model, which is done with others (not in solitude) and is also a vital part in recovery and the way to find the true authentic self that we were created to be.

A Thomas Troward Quote on how we can Co-create with contemplation & Spirit of God:
The way to establish a relationship with Spirit and access the power of this creating principle is to continuously contemplate yourself surrounded by the conditions you wish to produce.